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‘A Travelling Thread’ 2016

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A Traveling Thread-0489.jpg
A Traveling Thread-0583.jpg
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Photography Credit: Matthew Honey Photography 


‘Ethical Everyday’ 2017

Suzanna James LB October 2017-275.jpg
Suzanna James LB October 2017-121.jpg
Suzanna James LB October 2017-53.jpg
Suzanna James LB October 2017-106.jpg
Suzanna James LB October 2017-198 low res.jpg

Photography: Together and Sunspell


‘Orchestrated Chaos’ by Fox and Owl

chloe jumper a4.jpg
chloe jumper close up 1 a4.jpg
guernsey cushions a4.jpg
guernsey cushions a4 2.jpg
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Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 23.31.41.png

Photography: Chloe Grayson at Fox and Owl