I remembered why Fashion is important


Dior at the V&A, I made a long awaited visit, after finally getting tickets online, and getting up at 3am to travel from a windy Wales, it was most definitely worth it.

Every room was so beautifully put together, transformed into magical worlds of silk flower gardens and pristine sewing rooms, the exhibition made me realise why I'd fallen in love with this art form, a seemingly colossal 15 or even 20 years ago now, I remembered why I would sit and pore over my subscriber copies of fashion magazines, at the beginning of my now longstanding collection, and take joy from discovering what design houses would send down a runway each season.

The reason is because:

these creations do have value,

they do have beauty,

they do have magic,

they do have worth and

they are a display of incredible human talent and skill.

That is to be celebrated and revered.

What is not to be celebrated or revered is the degradation of this art form.

Fashion is now synonymous with sweatshops, high streets and consumerism culture, a negative twist of the greatness of a prolific designer becoming a reason why we should all buy new things every week or month or season, at best, and that is why it was a surprise to feel adoration for this industry again yesterday.

I have grown to look at fashion with such a despising gaze that I forgot for a while what was valuable about it.

The creations on display in this exhibition would have been treasured possessions, made with so much skill and care, selected thoughtfully by their owners and worn with pride, treasured and looked after. It is true that fashion will never be a life or death category of human existence, but what a shame it is that it has been reduced to mass production and profit margins, and that the ability it has to transport and move, and the joy it can bring, has been lost.

It feels a bold statement against the setting of such a horrifically destructive industry but I do think fashion is surprisingly important. The talent and skill within it as an art form should be respected and reclaimed. Sometimes I think it is of so little importance to make new things that are beautiful and ethical, that seem of so little consequence, but seeing these creations in all their glory yesterday gave me a little glimpse of what fashion could be again, what it could be known for, what it could represent.

I'm hoping for it once again to be talent, skill and the incredible example of creativity that it should be, and so, I am going to carry on trying to make beautiful things for people to treasure and I am going to do it as carefully as can possibly be done.